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ScalperMultiMT5 is a multi-currency indicator for professional traders. The indicator represents the full market situation for the trader.

The main advantage of this indicator is that it analyzes six base currency pairs at once for all time periods simultaneously from M1 to MN. The indicator analyzes the strength of the trend. For a visual representation of the market situation, the indicator generates signal symbols of different colors:

  • Green color – upward trend;
  • Red color – downtrend;
  • Yellow – the trend is not defined.

The indicator is great for scalping and is installed in the usual way on any trading symbol and any time period.

  • Symbol1 – name of the first trading symbol (by default, EURUSD);
  • Symbol2 – name of the second trading symbol (GBPUSD by default);
  • Symbol3 – name of the third trading symbol (by default, USDCHF);
  • Symbol4 – name of the fourth trading symbol (by default, USDJPY);
  • Symbol5 – the name of the fifth trading symbol (by default, USDCAD);
  • Symbol6 – the name of the sixth trading symbol (AUDUSD by default).

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