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This is a demo version of the “Super ATR“expert Advisor. The demo version only works on the EURUSD symbol.

Super ATR is a powerful tool for analyzing ATR (Average True Range) levels. In the intuitive interface, you can monitor all the major volatility ranges at once.

  • Plots the ATR zones of the day on the chart.
  • Plots the ATR zones of the week on the chart.
  • Plots the ATR zone of the month on the chart.
  • Displays a window on the chart with the current values of the main volatility ranges (M5, H1,D1, W1,MN). The zones and values in the table change color when the ATR level is reached.
  • Draws Gann lines based on the M30 strategy. The Gann angle is calculated using the Hi-Low Range or the ATR of the daily range (in the settings-Gann mode > HiLow mode or ATR mode).

Use keyboard shortcuts to control the Expert Advisor. You can change the location of the hotkeys.

By default:

  • key 1: launch/delete Day ATR
  • key 2: launch/delete Week ATR
  • key 3: launch/delete Month ATR
  • key G: launch/delete Gann line
  • key L: launch/delete ATR label
  • key C: Change zone colors
  • key Tab: ATR zone elongation
  • key Tilde: ATR zone shortening
  • key X: Object delete
  • key D: Delete all
  • key Q: Show period separators
  • key A: launch/delete Input menu

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You can change the settings by pressing the A – Input menu key (default).


Week ATR

Month ATR

Gann line

ATR label



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