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Scalping Analyzer 5


Scalping Analyzer 5 is designed for trading major currency pairs, it has protection against failures – when the connection is restored, the Expert Advisor will continue to work with its orders. Forex Scalping Analyzer 5 trading strategy, implemented in short periods of time and with very small profit/loss goals. The trader makes a trade from a few seconds to a few minutes and at the same time tries to take a small profit/loss from a few points to tens of points.
A fully independent automated Expert Advisor that includes very advanced indicators and an author’s trading algorithm. The expert independently controls the volume of trading positions, slippage, spread, supports and protects open orders, and can work with any size of deposit (from $ 100).
Does not use dangerous trading methods that lead to a sharp loss of the entire deposit (martingale, grid, arbitrage, etc.). Each trade has a Stop Loss and Take Profit that protect your deposit!
You only need to test on all ticks.
Bot Properties
  • Magic_Number – The Magic number.
  • Type_Filling-set the order execution policy.
  • Lot_MM-Calculates the lot automatically depending on the deposit.
  • Lot_Classic-Sets the lot size to enter the market.
  • Lot_Digits – Rounding the lot.
  • Controll_Limit_Spread-Limits the spread.
  • Stops_Take_Profit – Take profit.
  • Stops_Stop_Loss – Stop loss.
  • LengthMax – Maximum of bars.
  • LengthMin – Minimum of bars.
  • levelMax – The maximum tick level.
  • LevelMin – The minimum tick level.


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