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Scalping drummer is a new ready-made trading system for scalping all major currency pairs. Works on: EURUSD,
GBPUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, EURGBP, USDJPY, USDCHF, EURAUD, GBPJPY. It also works on precious metals and company shares.

Scalping drummer shows the trader buy and sell signals as dots on the chart. The system also sends push
signals to the phone and email. Scalping drummer works in automatic mode, studying and analyzing the market without interference from
the trader. Just place the indicator on the chart, it will automatically analyze the market according to the programmed algorithm and
will show you buy and sell signals. You can also view its historical signals that it gave earlier on the chart and make
sure that the signals are effective and working.

  • when the blue dot appears on the chart, we open a buy order. We set the stop loss at the level of the blue dot. TakeProfit set up
    100 points (if we trade on a micro account) or 12 points (if we trade on a standard account). 
  • when a red dot appears on the chart, we open a sell order. We set the stop loss at the level of the red dot. TakeProfit
    we set -100 points (if we trade on a micro-account) or -10 points (if we trade on a standard account). 

  • this is a ready-tested scalping system for most major currency pairs, as well as precious metals and precious metals.
    of papers.
  • the indicator does not redraw the signals.
  • the indicator has minimal signal delays. The larger the timeframe, the smaller the lag.
  • Scalping drummer sends push and email notifications.
  • very easy to set up.

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  • zero_bar-Now the trader can automatically set the indicator to take into account the zero bar or not. The accuracy depends on it
    signals. Each trader, depending on their trading strategy, can set different modes of operation. Recommended for
    on low timeframes, set zero_bar=true, and on large timeframes, set zero_bar=false.
  • spread-specify the spread level of your broker. The indicator will take it into account in the calculation of profitability.
  • step – the price change step.
  • fast_ema_period – the period of the fast average.
  • slow_ema_period – the period of the slow average.
  • bars – the number of bars on which the indicator will be displayed.
  • Signal-sending push and email notifications.
  • inform-display of historical profitability on the chart.


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