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Scalping One        Free version.

Setting file Download    

  • One button is created for each position and will be piled up in the chart.
  • Lot quick input
  • The stop loss and take profit settings can be changed with a few of the input tag # 1 base setting in the settings window. (The paid version has a quick input panel).
  • Collective and individual display of low and high prices for year, month, week and day    [HL] button
  • Chart top and bottom margins can be adjusted automatically with the   [aut] button input tag # 2-4. (Note: When the setting is 3, the chart height is divided into 5 parts, and the top margin: candle feet; bottom margin = 1: 3: 1. If it is 4, it is 1: 4: 1.Due to the offset setting, the operating range is about 1/2 of the margin.
  • Time gauge display (current time, Tokyo, London, New York, Sydney, daylight saving time) 1 hour or more is daily, 4 hours or more is week, daily is month, monthly is year.  [ tg ] Button. Local (pc) time added from Ver1.14.
  • The maximum number of position (ticket) buttons that can be displayed is three. It is possible to hold more positions, but it is necessary to display the 3 or more positions from the oldest with the up and down buttons. (Up to 50 paid versions)
  • The input tag in the setting window with * in the serial number is invalid because it is a setting for the paid version.

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