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Arrow signal indicator for scalping

Determines price reversals, pullbacks, and trend changes

All arrows remain in their place and do not disappear

It can send notifications to your phone or email.

It works on all currency pairs, metals and cryptocurrencies

Suitable for working with binary options

  • Does not redraw;
  • Determines the direction of the price movement;
  • Sends signals to your smartphone or email;
  • Additional parameters for fine tuning;
  • Works on all timeframes and all symbols;
  • Suitable for trading currencies, metals, options, and cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.).)
  • It is suitable for manual trading and for developing Expert Advisors.

It can be used both independently and in conjunction with other indicators.

  • Period – the indicator calculation period;
  • Sensitivity Primary-adjust the primary sensitivity;
  • Sensitivity Secondary-adjust the additional sensitivity;
  • Chart Depth – the depth of the indicator display on the chart;
  • Alert Message-displays a message on the screen and gives an audible confirmation of the signal;
  • Alert Email-sends signals to the mail, instructions for configuring the terminal are here;
  • Alert Mobile – sends it to the phone via the installed mobile terminal, the setup instructions are here;

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  • When the red arrow appears, open Sell or Put (for options)
  • When the blue arrow appears, open Buy or Call (for options)
  • The direction of the trade should correspond to the direction of the trend on the higher timeframe.
  • Exit from the transaction by the reverse signal or by the established SL and TP.
  • When using SL and TP, it is advisable to set the SL for the nearest extremum, TP = 1..2 SL.
  • They work out the signals well when used together with the free SFT indicator
    Fibo Volatility Channel

Other options are also possible, and you will be able to develop the most convenient tactics for you in the process of trading.

For more information and a more detailed overview of trading methods, see here:

We wish you a stable and profitable trading.

Thank you for using our software.

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