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The keys to success in Forex trading are discipline, patience and a clear position, which we possess thanks to our unique analysis of real trading volumes.
This is our experience of 10 years of Forex trading, and all these key factors are summarized in a series of Expert Advisors S tein I nvestments E xpert A dvisor (SIEA).
SIEA MAX provides a balanced risk-reward ratio and easily survives all market circumstances – even the most critical ones, such as Corona, Brexit, etc.
Patience and discipline of the system are rewarded with a large profit for its users. That’s why we named it MAX.
Get more information, for example, FAQ, backtest reports and tips on setting up DST/GMT correctly in our public FAQ on SIEA.
SIEA MAX trades all 28 trading pairs based on 8 major currencies USD, CAD, EUR, CHF, GBP, AUD, NZD and JPY.
Our unique analysis of the real trading volume determines the market imbalance and the degree of its intensity to identify opportunities for reverse entry.
SIEA MAX holds its positions for as long as necessary to ensure you maximum profit.
The average duration of trading is 10 days, but in some cases it can take much longer.

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Please check in advance whether you are ready to withstand the stages of floating drawdown, and adjust the drawdown limit accordingly.
If you prefer a shorter trading duration and a regular reboot of the entire trading system, we recommend using SIEA ZEN.
SIEA MAX comes with a built-in news filter that stops new trading positions on central bank news events.
All other events with less impact are less significant and are not taken into account in our risk management and news filter.
Swaps are the most undervalued factor in trading, but it is a central element in calculating your profit, since brokers charge swaps differently.
Due to the difference in interest rates, trading positions become profitable in different ways depending on the currency of your account and the broker you are trading with.
SIEA MAX takes these circumstances into account with the help of a special swap management module, which allows you to avoid expensive transactions and constantly monitor the swap.
It also uses a special break-even swap function to prevent holding trading positions with a high price load.
SIEA MAX uses bulletproof global risk management, which has survived all the difficult market situations of recent years, such as Brexit, Corona and even the SNB event in 2015.
We achieve this by using a single risk/drawdown limit for the entire trading system instead of individual stops for each trade, which protects us from any flash crash scenario.
SIEA MAX offers one parameter where you define your maximum allowable risk, and all money management will be adjusted accordingly. 
SIEA Series 
SIEA ZEN is a “calm” version with a large profit and low drawdown, ideal for everyone, both for beginners and professionals.
SIEA MAX is an advanced version with higher profits, but longer floating drawdowns, ideal for experienced traders
SIEA PRO is a fully customizable version of SIEA for self-creation of the most suitable settings, ideal for professional traders.
1. Please add the following URLs to the list of allowed URLs in your terminal properties
    – for volume data –
    – for the news module –
2. Install SI Connect MT5 and run it on one separate chart in the background of your terminal.
– It is a pure data processor that automatically downloads all the necessary information from our data center.
3. Run SIEA MAX on one chart, it is a multi-character Expert Advisor that manages all trades on one chart.
4. VPS is definitely recommended. Contact us if you need a cheap and reliable VPS provider.


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