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Signal Multiplier MT5


The program allows you to automatically increase the volume of the lot received from any source by the amount you set in the same terminal, on the same account, the program for working on “MQL VPS“, “Windows PC“and”Windows VPS“. The source can be any program adviser, manual trading, trading signal

MetaTrader 4 — Signal Multiplier MT4 — https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/23721

MetaTrader 5 — Signal Multiplier MT5 — https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/23719

When the terminal opens a new transaction from any source (Advisor, by hand signal), the program opens additional trade (duplicates/copies the source with the given parameters) in the same terminal and manages it, when you change the parameters of deals source (SL, TP) the program will automatically change the parameters of the additional transactions, if it is set in the parameters at closing of the source program will close an additional transaction.

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You need to run the program once (on one chart) for one account — the program will automatically recognize and copy all transactions for all selected currency pairs.

  • OFF/ON button-disable / enable execution
  • Speed mode-choose between high copy speed and low PC resource consumption (for very weak systems)
  • Multiplier-the multiplication factor of the volume of the transaction and the order, set arbitrarily 
  • Fix. Volume — fixed value of the volume of each trade, set arbitrarily, cancels all multiplication coefficients of the trade and order volume 
  • Deviation — the maximum allowable deviation from the price when copying, if the transaction went into profit. If the value is negative, copying will be performed at a price that is more profitable than the source
  • Copy BUY-copy deals of the “BUY” type”
  • Copy SELL-copy transactions of the “SELL” type”
  • Copy SL-copy “Stop Lose” levels for trades and orders
  • Copy TP-copy “Take Profit” levels for trades and orders
  • Buy Limit-copy pending orders of the “Buy Limit” type”
  • Sell Limit-copy pending orders of the “Sell Limit” type”
  • Buy Stop-copy pending orders of the “Buy Stop” type”
  • Sell Stop-copy pending orders of the “Sell Stop” type”
  • Lock Copy Less Minimum Volume-block the transaction if, after recalculation and rounding, its volume is less than the minimum allowed
  • Reopen Closed Deals-allow reopening after the transaction on the [slave] account is closed manually or in other ways
  • Reverse copy — SELL ↔ BUY trade reversal mode, SL ↔ TP levels and pending orders Buy Limit ↔ Sell Stop, Sell Limit ↔ Buy Stop will also be reversed in this mode
  • Copy Only New-copy only new trades after the specified date 

Set the value to “Multiplier”=2.00-When you receive a signal to open a trade, for example, in the amount of 0.01 lot, the program will automatically copy this trade with the volume multiplied by the “Multiplier”coefficient you selected. As a result, you will get the total volume of the transaction 3 times more than the original [ 0.01 0.02=0.03 ] and, accordingly, 3 times more than the possible profit. Be careful – when the profitability of trading increases, the risks also increase proportionally.

★★★★★ Rate the product-this will help the author to release updates faster and add new features — you will receive all updates of the program for free


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