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Signals potential and risk reward of trend


The SPR of trend indicator is looking for a trend:

  • (S) – signals,
  • (P) – shows the potential of the signals,
  • (R) – calculates the risk/reward.

Analyzing the chart, the indicator indicates a possible price movement option. The indicator works on closed candles and does not redraw!

The indicator has a block of statistics on its own signals.

As a material for statistics, the indicator uses the maximum price movement after the signal appears on a closed candle from the opening price of the current candle and up to:

The screenshot shows that this statistics block is located in the lower right corner.

  • S is the number of signals found for buying and selling.
  • P is the potential of movement after the signal. It is calculated as the average value of the maximum price movement of all signals for buying and selling, respectively.
  • R is the risk / profit ratio. To get this parameter, the indicator uses a virtual StopLoss.
  • curr – the current virtual profit after the last signal of the indicator.
  • max – the maximum price movement after the signal and up to the current moment.
  • SL – the value of the virtual StopLoss at the current moment.

Attention! All signals and calculation results are based on statistical data and cannot be used as a direct guide for investing.
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