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The indicator plots the difference between the values of two trading instruments (currency pairs).

The purpose of the indicator is to observe the processes of divergence and convergence of the values of two trading instruments. The results obtained can be used for trading on statistical arbitrage strategies, pair trading, correlation, and others.

The indicator is attached to the chart of any trading instrument. The input parameters specify the names of trading instruments, the difference of values of which the indicator should display. The trading instruments of the chart and the instruments specified in the input parameters may be the same, or they may differ. In any case, the calculation will be performed for the tools specified in the input parameters.

The indicator can be used either independently or in combination with other technical analysis tools.

It is possible to install two indicators with a different set of trading instruments on one chart at once.

The indicator can be used in manual trading and when creating automatic trading systems.

  • Instrument 1 – name of the first trading instrument (for example, GBPUSD, GBPUSD_i, GBPUSD_m, etc);
  • Instrument 2 – the name of the second trading instrument (for example, EURUSD, EURUSD_i, EURUSD_m, etc.).

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Please specify in the input parameters the exact names of the trading instruments that are available on your account, with the correct set of uppercase and lowercase letters.


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