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Smart breakout is an advanced trading system. SB applies a strategy of real breakouts, using a built-in intelligent filter that filters out low-quality signals.

Trades are protected by STOP LOSS, smart trailing, and breakeven. The Expert Advisor is easy to use and does not consume excessive CPU resources or too much memory.

SB showed good results on H1 EURUSD, GBPUSD, but you can change the settings for productive work with other currencies.

For maximum efficiency, I recommend using a broker with a spread of 10 points (1 pips) on EURUSD and GBPUSD. Testing on a five-year history showed good results.

Signals on the main product: https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/author/quadricanna

SB passed stress testing and overcame an unfavorable trading period.

  • This is not a martingale
  • Not a grid
  • Always use a stop loss to protect your investment
  • Not risky scalping
  • Suitable for other currency pairs
  • Easy to use (no complicated settings))

  • iTakeProfit-take profit in points
  • iStopLoss-stop loss in points
  • SmartStopLevel – if true, the stop loss is adjusted according to the price movement
  • UseTrailing – if true, the profit is protected by a trailing stop
  • iTrailingStop-smart trailing points when the position is in profit
  • TrailingStep-smart trailing step when the position is in profit
  • InvestMore – if true, the lot size increases when the account balance increases
  • InvestRisk-increase the lot size based on the balance. For example, an InvestRisk with a value of 50 means 0.05 lots per$ 100 of the balance
  • UseBreakEven – if true, the stop loss price moves to breakeven if the price is higher than the target points
  • breakevenTargetPipsInp – if the price exceeds this value, breakeven is triggered
  • breakevenJumpPipsInp-stop loss moves to breakeven by this value
  • Slippage – allowed slippage before the order is triggered
  • OrderComment-comment on the order to change the name of the Expert Advisor
  • MaxSpread – the maximum allowed spread before the pending order is triggered
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