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Start Vwap Custom Midas


the way to know what big investors do?

just (since though it were easy) keep track of price and quantity.

many authors have studied volume and price, such as Richard Wyckoff, Paul Levine, Andrew Coles, David Hawkins eBob.

Vwap Custom (Midas) shows the average price of big investors as it is volume weighted average. additionally, Vwap Custom can be positioned in specific points, mapping large or small moves.

The usage strategies are varied, GAP Midas, Top or Bottom Midas. Disruption (JAC) of midas or shield at Midas?

Now yes , let’s go to the Start Vwap indicator:

By loading the indicator on your MT5 you can trace * as many Midas as you want * quickly and easily.

* Fits both B3 (Brazil) and Forex.
* Volume selection is automatic (transparent).
* Does not lose color when changing the time frame.
* Can be used during or off the trading floor.

How to use?

You must hit the “w” key and then, less than 5 seconds, click anywhere on the screen to trace the Midas.

The indicator will recognize if you clicked near the candlestick high and then plotted a top Vwap, or if the click was close to the low then draw a bottom Vwap.

If you need to edit the anchor point, line color, thickness, just double click on Midas or go through the indicator list (CTRL I) and select the Midas to be modified and edit the inputs.

This particular indicator has been written from scratch, aiming to deliver ease of use and good performance. I believe he has now reached this level.

Success and good trades!

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Attention: Allow the reading of the keyboard from the keyboard to not work in the strategy tester, the logo will not be placed in the “demo” mode.


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