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the method of making a decision on opening an arrangement is based on the standard deviation plus the speed of price change for the EURCHF set, the mathematical model correlates with the features of this pair only.

The EURCHF pair with the M15 period is used for trading.

Account parameters: minimal bunch of 0.01 and a leverage of 1:500, spread is less than 20, the minimal Deposit is $300.

it will be updated periodically as a brand new version of the product.


  • in case Risk = 4000, the lot size will be 200/4000 = 0.05 (with a balance of $200) or 300/4000 = 0.07 (with a balance of $300)
  • If Risk = 5000, the lot size will be 200/5000 = 0.04 (with a balance of $200) or 300/5000 = 0.06 (with a balance of $300)
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