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    • 2 year 3 months on MYFXBOOK
      • 2 year 3 months on MQL (added recently)
        • A clean new signal on MQL

        Only for: EURUSD M5
        Select the risk below.

        MT5 – 

          • 2 year 3 months on MYFXBOOK
            • 2 year 3 months on MQL (added recently)
              • A clean new signal on MQL
              • The first version of Stenvall was created in 2016. The first public version is available on MQL5 in 2019;
              • From the moment of EA public offering until today, performance monitoring is open and available for viewing 24/5;
              • For 2 years 3 months the performance was 200% with a maximum drawdown of 8%;
              • EA Stenvall MK-I MT4 was used as one of the EA of a private hedge fund, with a total deposit of more than 2.7M USD (I can’t prove this information);
              • The very first version of Stenvall was just a night scalper, with each update, the functions and trading methods were improved, trading was expanded to 24 and the accuracy of signals was increased to 70% (the figures are confirmed by monitoring).   Improving and correcting a strategy in live mode is much easier than flat backtesting alone, which is partly why Stenvall is such an accurate and stable strategy that continues to evolve;

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              ✔️ The performance has been confirmed for several years, the strategy used by Stenvall is stable and will never lose its relevance due to the peculiarities of EURUSD;

              ✔️ Stenvall do not use tricks, only technologies:

               Each position is protected by a STOP LOSS;

               76 functions on board;

               The average TP size is 150 pips, the average load on the deposit is 5%, you do not need to increase the lot to get your profit;

              ✔️ Due to the reliability and security of Stenvall, it is the choice of professionals, the trading strategy is direct and clean, you can use Stenvall with a deposit that is estimated in millions and you will not experience problems with the execution of orders. According to the survey, more than half of users use Stenvall for trading signals or investment accounts;

              • At the moment there are two sets, the default (recommended) and an additional one, you can use an additional set to increase the number of deals;
              • By default, both sets have an mid risk, with an automatic lot. 
              • Adjust the profit/risk using the Auto Lot parameter, in the range 0.1 to 0.9, where 0.1 is low risk;
              After launching the EA, it will give you links to the group and chat.
              When checking the EA for a history shift or any other check-test, be sure to disable NEW YEAR filter.

              GOOD PRICE FOR RENT: 
              399 USD;
              During the year maintenance and updates;

              HOT PRICE FOR PURCHASE: 980 USD;
              Lifetime use!


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