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Step Index Stepper Robot


Step Index Stepper Robot is based on an advance algorithm that follows market trend, and intelligently execute trades, breaks even, trails the market, while protecting the capital.

It give room to the user to either trade aggressively or in a conservative manner, by either increasing or reducing the take profit nd stop loss level.

Does not depend on the trend, it can profit on any trend.


Executes trades

Stop Loss

Take Profit

Break Even

Trail Stop Loss

Can trade any market

NOTE : This Robot is solely for Step Index Asset on Deriv.com


1. Download the robot

2. Click and drag to chart

3. Input the Take Profit or Stop Loss of your choice.

4. Choose lot size of your choice

5. Confirm.

6. You can also close a profit level manually.


*Use on 1, 5 or 10 Minutes time frame.

*Works best on Step Index market.

Send me a mail for further help.

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