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This simple robot uses stochastic and Bollinger bands to operate.

the main purpose of both the algorithm is scalper recognition and trading of overbought and oversold positions.

You can configure the Stobbot settings to utilize HFT or LFT systems. It all depends on your drawdown and commission predictions, lower values on the inputs have a higher frequency, whereas higher values have a lower frequency of surgeries.

that i can’t devote much time to the Expert Advisor, so I only improve it needed.

exam the Expert Advisor in the tester before using it on a real account.

You can optimize any settings in this list, but in my opinion, the most important ones are the following:

  • – Stop loss and take profit (strongly affect the type and frequency of transactions)
  • -Bollinger Bands Deviation Operational Distance
  • -All stochastic settings (highly dependent on the type of symbol you are testing it on)

Also, during optimization, you can use the “Only Open prices” mode instead of “All ticks”, since Stobbot only opens and closes trades at the opening of each new candle.

I hope the adviser will be useful to you. The system is not loaded with highly intelligent functions, since its main task is to find suitable pivot points for operation. At the moment, I use another Expert Advisor and decided to sell this robot. I hope you like it.

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If you find an error, please let me know. I will try to fix it quickly.


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