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  •     … It trades GBPUSD H1 with an emphasis on long-term stable growth under any market conditions. Each trade has a stop loss, does not use any martingale, grid, or “recovery” methods.
  •     …there hasn’t been a lost year since 1986. 
  •     … high-stability reverse tests based on 35-year historical data from 1986 to 2021.
  •     …it achieves a system quality of more than 10, a return-to-drawdown ratio of 64, a profit ratio of 1.7, and a win ratio of 70%.
  •     …it reaches the value of R^2 by almost 99%.
  •     …withstands internal OOS tests on 20 additional pairs, each with historical data from 1986 to 2021, and is therefore tested on a 735-year shared history with excellent results.
  •     … passes 500 rounds of Monte Carlo testing with: spread up to 4 points, slippage up to 1.5 points, 50% randomized historical data, skipping 10% of trades, and still has stable equity curves throughout all simulations
  •     …easy to set up
  •     … will receive maintenance and constant updates for constant optimal performance
  •     … Comes with highly specialized personal support via Telegram / WhatsApp / phone
  •     “FixedLots” = the number of fixed lots per trade. This parameter is only used if “MoneyManagement” is set to false.
  •     “MoneyManagement” = enable or disable money management.
  •     “RiskPercentagePerTrade” = this is the real risk per trade as a percentage. If the trade reaches its stop loss, then this is the percentage amount that you will lose from your account balance. This parameter is only used if “MoneyManagement” is set to true.
  •     “BrokersRollOverHour” = this is the server start time of your broker’s session in Tokyo (also called “rollover hour”). Many brokers have this time at 00: 00 server time, so leaving it at 0 means that your broker rolls over the session at 00:00 server time. Brokers that do this include IC Markets, Tickmill, and Global Prime. If your broker rolls over at a different hour, just set it to the value of that hour. For example, 21 = 21:00, 11 = 11:00 and so on. If you are not sure, just leave it as 0 for now and write to me, I will find the desired value with you.
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