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Version 1.3 2021.06.06
– Added Auto Lot Sizing Feature
– Added a Drawdown/Risk Reduction Feature
– Added some More Settings

Are you still looking for the Holy Grail of Expert Advisors? Are you looking for a back-test graph image that shows insane profits that never work in real trading conditions?

Are you still trying to find One EA that will make you rich you within 1 or 2 years? If that is you, this EA is NOT for you.

Do you believe in realistic achievable profits? Profits that are modest enough to get you ahead gradually over time? Then “STOP LOOK BELIEVE” is the EA for you.

This Expert was designed with simplicity in mind. There are no settings to load and nothing to adjust. You do not need some ridiculously low spread or extremely high leverage for this to work. This was tested on a low 1:50 leverage. However a HEDGING allowed broker is required for this EA. 

Simply load this on EURUSD on the H1 timeframe and watch it trade. Or Set the “Use Chart Open Button” to open trades when you want to initialize a trade. Then click the open button whenever you want to run a trade. Super easy to understand how it works.

There is no promise of profit or any other deceptive terms. Just straight forward trading with simplicity and understanding the risks that come with trading Forex.

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I am available to answer your questions in the comments area or the telegram group for this robot.


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