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For the Expert Advisor to work correctly, do not forget to drop the files in the agreement directory (…AppData Roaming MetaQuotes Terminal Common

STP is an automated trading advisor based on neurotechnology, working on an hourly timeframe. The Expert Advisor is
configured for trading on the strategy of safe trading from the levels, which assumes the opening of short-term transactions and closing them when
the positive dynamics of profitability is reached in a few points, which allows the user to minimize the loss of funds
from unprofitable transactions.

The Expert Advisor works according to a specific manual, in which a custom trend indicator aggregates trades into a
special info stream, while a special macro embedded in the Expert Advisor filters the entry points to the trade and, accordingly,
exit from it, which allows the buyer, by regulating a certain number of parameters, to minimize the quantitative
ratio of losing and winning transactions and to ensure a surplus of profitable transactions, reducing costs to a minimum. The trading adviser
has special software parameters and macros that help ensure the dynamism of profitability.

STP does not use the
martingale strategy and other strategies based on the increasing multiplicity of the lot for the sake of security from going into the negative and the
absence of a high risk of losing the deposit when opening losing trades with an increased lot.

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The Expert Advisor can work on any leverage.

Deposit from $ 100, GBPUSD

Any broker, I recommend using a VPS server.


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