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Sure Wick Scalper MT4


Sure Wick Scalper is a very special kind of indicator because it generates direct Buy and Sell signals in the form of arrows “Blue Arrow For Buy” and “Red Arrow For Sell”. This indicator works on a very simple and effective candle loopholes, as we all know and can see that every candle has a wick at the top and the bottom 95% of the time, so whenever a new candle forms without any wick on the top or at the bottom it sent out a buy or sell signal accordingly after moving 15-20 pips in one side because there has to be wicks on both the side, this indicator takes the advantage of this wick weakness of the candles which makes this indicator 95% accurate.

For Example :

It is 4pm and a new 4hr candle in GBPJPY just got started whose CLOSE price is 136.500 and LOW price is same as CLOSE price which is 136.500, after few minutes later at around 5pm its CLOSE price is around 136.650 and its LOW price is still 136.500 which gave us an opportunity to get 15 Pips profit that current 4hr candle which will end at 8pm because it has made a wick to upper side but still no wick has been formed at the bottom (loopholes in candles), this is how this indicator works.

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Watch the video to get more clarity if having any doubts.

Use H1,H4, D, W timeframe. But do not use timeframe below H1 and i personally use H4, D and W together as you can see in the screenshots.

For Gold use 30 pips for H4, 70-90 Pips for D and 100-150 Pips for W timeframes.

For rest of the currencies choose profit pips according to the currency movements.

  • It does not repaint.
  • Gives clear signals in the form of arrows on a chart.
  • It is mainly designed for all the pairs.
  • It can be used during news time as well.
  • You can set the desired amount of profit pips you want in the settings.
  • This indicator can work alone as a system or strategy you don’t need to use any other tool with this indicator.
  • Once you get the signal, just place a trade and set TP at OPEN price and SL at 2-3 pips above the high of the previous candle in case of sell signal and 2-3 pips below the low of the previous candle.
  • “BLUE Arrow” is for “BUY” alert and “RED Arrow” is for “SELL” alert.
  • This indicator can be used as part of a system or as a stand-alone indicator.
  • Select the indicator from the indicator section of metatrader and apply it to any chart.
  • Send Email — if true, enable sending email notifications whenever RSI gets overbought or oversold. If false, disabled.
  • Audible Alerts — if true, enable sending audible alerts with on-screen pop-up window. If false, disabled.
  • Push Notifications — if true, enable sending alerts on mobile phone. If false, disabled. To use this feature, you should enable notification in the settings by specifying your MetaQuotes ID.
  • Profit Pips Buy/Profit Pips Sell – By default it is set on 15 pips for both sell and buy for H4 timeframe, you can change it as 10 pips for H1, 20-25 pips for D and 40-50 pips for W timeframe.

When you apply this indicator on any chart it will not give or show any arrows on the charts, if there is any arrow on the chart you see, it will be a losing trade (the trade you lost if taken) and after a winning trade the arrow gets disappeared, means the less arrows you see on a chart the more accuracy it means. In the video you can see this, when a trade gets hit the arrow gets disappeared.


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