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New idea to finding Reversal by angles/reflation angle Market moments.I found some studies when market moved with high angle its turned back to there origin.We developed  a MT4/MT5 tool to finding recent swing angle and expected reversal to minimum 50% of last swing or last swing high/low–to major last target point download free tool-

If swing angle more then 75 Degree and hold close for next 3-4 candle market turned back to last low/high

lots of studies on angles when market bigger angle swing found 75-85 degree then comeback and again drop/increase with higher angle

30-55 degree for trending market.

Use fix scale One to One for best results set angle alert more then 60 degree Also can used normal chart without scaling chart angle set alert to 75degree in parameters.

Use HMA color indicator WITH PERIOD -8 to finding reversal.

Free zigzag signal indicator for mt4 :-

Please see video :-


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