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#EA #TECHNICAL  is a fully automatic Expert Advisor. It can actually outsmart a market by placing BUY and SELL orders POWERED BY Technical tools based ALGORITHM It uses an advanced technology called Wave , Accumulation and Distribution TRADING STRATEGY. This robot is designed for beginners yet expert traders: All Parameters are optimized for Any currency pairs. LESS RISK MORE PROFITS Advantages: This EA can work in LONDON,ASIAN and NY SESSIONS : it can run in news and even take advantage of them It work 24/5: no need to turn off the EA, as it can operates days and nights. Recommendations: start balance is 100$ and above on an ECN,MICRO,STANDARD account and you would be completely fine..

Forex trading  is VERY RISKY. That is, unless you really know what you are doing.

Actually, knowing how to do it is not enough. You should be able to understand the way the market behaves for you to be able to predict it accurately.

Here is an article  that might help answer your question:


Proper risk management can be the difference between a 20 year long-term career, and losing your capital in less than 12 months. Risk management when trading really comes down to the temptations of the field, and its association with the risk of complete loss.

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