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The ChartSnap utility connects your actions in MetaTrader 4 with your chat/channel/group in Telegram. It will take a snapshot of the MetaTrader 4 chart to which it is attached and send it to a dedicated chat/group/Telegram channel. This process of taking and sending screenshots will be repeated based on the time interval set by the user. This is a convenient tool for those who like to get information from their indicator, which is available only on a computer with MetaTrader. This utility is especially useful when trading on mobile devices. You can get information about the chart/panel/custom indicator by requesting a screenshot using a Telegram bot and sending a screenshot to your Telegram chat.

The demo version can be found here:

The demo version can be found here:

  • If an Expert Advisor is running on your chart and you want to run this utility on the same chart:
  • Let’s call a chart with a working Expert Advisor = Chart_A.
  • Stop the Expert Advisor on the Chart_A chart and run ChartSnap with the parameterShowChartIdOnly=true.
  • Copy the chart ID Chart_A, which is displayed in the terminal window, and delete ChartSnap. DO NOT CLOSE the Chart_A chart window.
  • Re-install the Expert Advisor and open another chart. Let’s call the new chart = Chart_B.
  • Run the ChartSnap utility on the Chart_B chart and specify the ChartID for the Chart_A chart in it.
  • The ChartSnap utility on the Chart_B chart will take a screenshot of the Chart_A chart and send it to your Telegram chat.

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  • Token=”” – enter your bot’s API token.
  • chatId=0 – enter your chat ID (chatId) in Telegram.
  • DisableNotification=false – send a screenshot to Telegram with or without an alert.
  • UpdatePeriod=M1 is the interval for repeating the cycle. (based on candle opening time)
  • CaptionOption=ccustom – use the title for screenshots.
  • CustomCaption=”” – custom text for the title when CaptionOption=ccustom.
  • ChartID=0 – the ID of the chart from which the screenshot will be taken. “0” means the graph on which the utility is installed.
  • Width=800 – width of the screenshot.
  • Height=600 – the height of the screenshot.
  • ShowChartIdOnly=false – show the ID of the chart on which the utility is running on the screen.


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