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The Thread indicator calculates the likely values for the following periods.

It is built on the author’s system, with the possibility of self-learning.  

Input parameters:

                                                 (recommended interval)

Sensitivity to sharp fluctuations (integer 0-8) – increasing the value shifts the calculation priority towards high-frequency fluctuations (increasing loads the system)
Chart offset (integer 0-8) – shifts the indicator output to the right
Chart forecast (integer, maximum 10) – determines the number of periods calculated in advance
AI training incentive (integer, 0 no training 0-99) – the speed of reaction to changes in the nature of the market
 Indicator tail (integer 3-10000)                            – the number of indicator values displayed on the chart (increasing the load on the system)
 Smoothing options (integer 0-10) – passes for smoothing the indicator values, 0 there is no smoothing. (increasing the load on the system)

P./S. For the first 1000 downloads, the indicator is free!

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