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If you have bought ANY of my Products then you are ELIGIBLE TO JOIN the Private group !!!

  • TELEGRAM group: send me message to add you to our community PRIVATE GROUP(unfortunately there are a lot of scammers to public ones…)

Torpedo Gold is my new NEURAL network project using advanced parameters for finding entries such as distances,Candle sizes,candles formations,break outs in an advanced way etc.


  • Only GOLD
  • 5M chart and 15M (For lower than 5000 accounts)
  • 1500$ balance or more(it can trade with less but i always like to have a little more…)


  • TF: the timeframe the EA runs,counted always in minutes.
  • Starting Lot:The starting lot.
  • Multiplier:The multiplier of the positions.
  • Max Lot:The max lot a position can have.
  • Min Distance Between the trades:The minimum distance between the positions.
  • Max Sells:The maximum Sell positions the EA can open.
  • Max Buys:The maximum Buy positions the EA can open.
  • Enable Super Overlap after X trades:After these number of open positions the EA will enable its advanced overlap system for reducing drawdown.

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  • Min TP in Money For more than 1 position open:The minimum profit in money if there are more than 1 position open.
  • Min TP in money for 1 or 2 positions:The minimum profit in money if there are 1 or two positions open(Based on the above input,it will take place which ever it comes first.)
  • Close All if loss…: Close all if loss is more than X amount of money.

  • Change distance after this lot size:The EA will change the distance between the trades after this lot size.
  • New min Distance:The new distance between the trades after the above lot size.
  • New Multiplier:The new multiplier in the positions after the above lot size.(This input is for reducing the size of lots in the martingale system)


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