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Volume by Price Pro MT4


The ‘ Volume by Price ‘ Pro indicator displays the complex relations between volume, price and time in easy to interpret forms.

Volume Profile and Market Profile along Volume Weighted Average Price to identify key levels and ranges. Instantly load basic or advanced compositions. Various range selection methods including drag and drop. Labels to indicate the scale and scope of data displayed, and comprehensive styling by attributes such as color, size, area etc.

Available in three editions from USD 34.95.

Main features

  • Volume Profile – horizontal histogram and line graph
  • Volume Time Statistics – vertical histogram and bubble graph
  • Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP)
  • Market Profile – marker structure (letter- and block-based) and interpolated curve graph
  • Point of Control (VPOC/POC)
  • High and Low Volume Nodes (HVN and LVN)
  • Value Area High and Low (VAH and VAL)
  • Delta by price and time
  • Initial Balance (IB)
  • Multiple time frame data analysis
  • Trading session filters and groups
  • Volume and TPO count heatmaps
  • TPO sequence heatmaps and color groups

Example setting files and user manual are available in MetaTrader installation MQL4/Files folder.

^ “Market Profile” also known as “Time Price Opportunity” TPO (name of the markers used) is a charting technique by J. Peter Steidlmayer.
^ “Volume by Price” VBP as charting technique is also known as “Volume Profile” VP, “Volume at Price” VAP, “Volume on Price” VOP, “Volume per Price” VPP, “Price by Volume” PBV, “Price at Volume” PAV, “Price on Volume” POV, and “Price per Volume” PPV.



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