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Trade Filter 1 is a universal indicator for working on classic charts.

Depending on the settings, the indicator indicates the entry points to the market from zones to single bars. It can be used as a trend filter and to search for corrections.

The blue zones of the indicator indicate a possible price turn up, the red ones-down when setting up input filtering.

The moving average is a reference point for the average values of price impulses, being an additional factor for making decisions about entering a trade.

This indicator is a modification of the Trade Filter X indicator. It is recommended to use it in conjunction with other indicators in a trading strategy.

  • per – the period of calculation of the indicator.
  • ma – the period of the moving average.
  • typebar-filtering by bar type (to indicate a down turn, only up bars are taken into account, up – down bars are taken into account).
  • typeset-filtering by the location of price tags on a short history.
  • sizebar-cancels the typebar filter if the bar is less than the value (in points).
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