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Trend Chewer is a portfolio of several indicators that are combined in one code (product) that performs one important role – the trader’s
achievement of the maximum trading result.

  • Investment mode (gives a small number of signals with a high profit factor) – trading takes a little time.
  • Scalping mode (gives a lot of trading signals, but the profit factor is less than in the investment mode) – trading takes a lot of time.

  • Alerts – pop-UPS, PUSH and email notifications that will notify you in time when you need to trade.
  • Arrows on the quotes chart – which intuitively show the direction of trade
  • Levels to set Take Profit and Stop Loss

I tried to make such an indicator that the user would enjoy both manual trading and profit

On the demo video (see the video below), as well as on my YouTube channel, you can see how the indicator works, how to use the indicator
and how to trade with it.

  • Global Trend is the main indicator of the system, which determines the main direction of market movement and filters the signals of
    the Chewer oscillator.
  • Chewer oscillator is an indicator that determines the moments when the price reaches the peak rollbacks against the main trend and
    gives a signal to conclude a deal.
  • Bollinger Runner is a channel indicator that helps the trader to determine trading goals, namely – to set the take Profit and Stop Loss
    levels correctly.

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In simple words – Global Trend determines the trend direction, Chewer oscillator shows the best moments for deals and Sigma Bands
will indicate the best levels for placing Take Profit and Stop Loss. All these three indicators are inside one TREND CHEWER product.
Everything works very simple and intuitive.


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