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Trend Detective Indicator


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Trend Detective is an advanced trend detection indicator which shows accurate entry points in direction of trend.

It uses smart technology in order to detect entry points, trend changing points, and TP points. It also shows hit rate for current chart using selected parameters.

Hit rate for this indicator on different charts can be 80% or even higher!

Trend Detective can even be used in choppy markets. It has built-in algorithms which will be successful in any market.

Some features of Trend Detective indicator:

  • Works on all timeframes and currency pairs.
  • Doesn’t repaint at all. All calculations are made on bar close. Signals only appear on bar open.
  • Customizable settings and colors.
  • Built-in alert so that you don’t miss any opportunities.
  • Clearly shows trend so that you don’t enter in the wrong direction.
  • Can be integrated in Expert Advisors.

How to use this indicator?

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You must have these in mind

  • You can use this indicator on any chart and timeframe, but we recommend using it on higher timeframe charts which show more than 66% hit rate for past trades.
  • You can use TP points shown by the indicator or you can have no TP, this way you should close the trade on opposite entry signal.
  • You can use your desired SL or you can close the trades on opposite entry signal.

Indicator parameter

  • Sensitivity – Enter your desired sensitivity for indicator period. Recommended choice is between 0.5 and 3.
  • TP Multiplier – Enter your desired multiplier for TP. Recommended choice is between 0.5 and 2.
  • Enable Entry Signal Alert – Choose true if you would like pop-up alerts with sound when a signal is shown on chart.
  • Show Trend Direction Arrows – Choose true if you want to show arrows for trend changing points.
  • Show Entry and TP – Choose true to show exact entry price and TP for these entries on chart.
  • Show Win/Loss Points – Choose true to show the amount of win/loss points on chart.
  • Statistics Dashboard Corner – To show past trades statistics and also last trade information on left corner of the chart or right corner of the chart.

The rest of the parameters include color choice for all objects shown on chart, which don’t require any further explanations.


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