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Trend Finder Multi Pair And Multi Time Frame


The indicator was created by a former employee of a hedge fund, and it is designed to find the strongest trends in the Forex market. This indicator analyzes the moving averages for all 28 pairs on 8 timeframes. And then he arranges each pair according to the strength of the trend.

Remember: institutional traders use moving averages more than any other indicator.

  • For more information, see the screenshots, and if you have any questions, please contact us. We are always happy to help. =)
  • Please note that the version of this indicator for MetaTrader 4 has been around for more than a year, reviews/comments can be found here:
  • Also, be sure to watch our short videos. It includes the top 10 hedge fund trading rules that every trader should know.

  • Displays all the information on one screen.
  • Simultaneously tracks all 28 pairs.
  • Tracks 8 consecutive timeframes, from M5 to MN.
  • Automatically sorts all pairs from “most trending” to “least trending”.
  • Provides alerts about the strongest trends in real time.
  • You have full control over the colors, settings, and which pairs to track.

  • Use Alerts: Use alerts, True = Yes, False = No
  • Min Alerts Min: The interval between alerts (how often to receive alerts for the same pair)
  • S1 – S28: By default, all 28 pairs are listed. You can delete those pairs that you don’t need.
  • ColorUp: The color to display when the price crosses the moving average from above.
  • ColorDn: The color to display when the price crosses the moving average from below.
  • Grid Color: Select the grid color.
  • TxtColor: Select the color of the text in the title.
  • HdrColor: Select the title color.
  • SymColor: Select a color for the symbols. (Whatever chart you attach the indicator to, the symbol of this chart will be displayed in blue.)
  • Font Size: Select your preferred font size.
  • MA period: The period of the moving average.
  • MA shift: The offset of the moving average.
  • MA method: The moving average method.
  • Applied price: The applied price of the moving average.
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