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fashion Scanneris a trend index that helps you ascertain the current and predicted market leadership using an
advanced algorithm. thanks to adaptive notification configurations, the indicator will warn you about a trend reversal on a timely fashion.

The indicator is intuitive and easy to use, and will be a great filter at your trending trading approaches. The lines of this
indicator are also an excellent dynamic level to get stop loss.

model for MetaTrader

model for MetaTrader

For more precise notification settings, click the triangle on the left in the information panel, after clicking, two lines of settings will appear

Line #1
“— Alerts On/Off —“
By placing the checkboxes under the period name, we choose which period the indicator will track and
inform us about the trend change. The indicator tracks the trend change for each enabled period, regardless of the other periods.
“— General alerts On/Off —“
In this line, we set an alert when the trend direction matches in the
selected periods. For example, if you put a check mark on M30, H1, H4, the indicator will notify you of a trend change only if the periods are M30, H1, H4
the direction of the trend will be in one direction.

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  • Period– period of the Trend Scanner indicator;
  • Multiplier-coefficient of the Trend Scanner indicator;
  • Max Bars– the maximum number of bars to display the trend line, reduce this value if the indicator
    loads the terminal;
  • Alerts on opened bar-enable / disable notifications about trend changes only on a closed bar;
  • Show alert on chart-enable / disable displaying notifications on the chart;
  • Play sound on alert-enable / disable sound playback when the trend changes;
  • Push notification-enable / disable sending Push notifications about trend changes;
  • Alerts an email-enable / disable sending a trend change notification to email;
  • Sound file– name of the sound file for the sound notification;
  • Show panel– show the information panel;
  • Color up– color of the text up on the panel;
  • Color down– the color of the text up on the panel.


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