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Trendy Boom and Crash Trader


This expert advisor is designed to trade the boom and crash indices from deriv.com on mt5.

It uses the awesome oscillator to identify entry points on the 1 minute time frame.

Every order is set with stop loss and take profit levels.

The take profit is auto adjusting: i.e. it is adjusted automatically by the expert according to the market conditions.

It features smart automatic lot size adjustment in case of losses.

It keeps only one position open on each index at a time.


Boom 500 Index

Boom 1000 Index

Crash 500 Index

Crash 1000 index

all available on deriv.com

  • Note: it is highly recommended to trade all four indices when using this expert as this significantly improves risk management, safety, and profitability.


m1 only; DO NOT trade on other timeframes.



Starting lot size – basic lot size for trading. Default = 0.2

Stop loss in points – size of the stop loss in points. Default = 2000

Minimum take profit in points – size of the lower limit of take profit in points. Default = 5000

Maximum take profit in points – size of the upper limit of take profit in points. Default = 50000

Points added during loss recovery – number of points of profit above the take profit when there is a deficit. Default = 1000


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