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TSO Loss Management


TSO Loss Management is an expert Advisor that includes improved mechanisms for covering losses from losing trades.

  • Adapts to different market conditions and manages each position to cover losses as quickly as possible with minimal risk.
  • It uses all the tools of the TSO Signal Builder Expert Advisor – almost endless entry/exit strategies.
  • Add Negative Management to any strategy to eliminate losing trades.
  • Pending orders are not placed.
  • You can work with any account size-more than $ 1000 is recommended.
  • Flexible configuration is possible (the default strategy is added for demonstration purposes).

If the Expert Advisor is unexpectedly disabled, it can be restarted if the properties of the Expert Advisor have not been changed. After that, it will continue to work in normal mode, taking into account the previous orders it created. However, this Expert Advisor can hold positions from a few hours to several weeks, so it should be running for the entire period. It can be run on a computer if it is possible to work permanently, but it is strongly recommended to use a VPS server.

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Leave your feedback in the “Discussion” section to improve this Expert Advisor.

See the detailed description inUser’s Guide.

  • Simple: the lot size is adjusted based on the equation ?(?)=?∗?(?−1)^? ?.
  • Smart: Orders will be opened at support / resistance levels.
  • Disable: disable.
  • Static: Use the initial balance.
  • Dynamic: Use the current balance.


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