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TSO Moving Average Slope MT5


The Moving Average Slope (MAS) indicator subtracts the level of the moving average n periods ago from the current level of the moving average. This allows you to display the trend of the moving average on the moving average line.

  • Allows you to determine the rising and falling trend at a glance.
  • The indicator does not redraw.
  • Returns the values of buffers with the trend of the moving average for use in the Expert Advisor. (See below)

  • Moving Average Period: The period of the moving average.
  • Slope Period: the number of periods between the current and the previous level of the moving average.
  • Include Last Bar: Include the last forming bar in the calculation of the moving average.
  • UpTrend: the color of the growing trend.
  • DownTrend: the color of the falling trend.
  • NonTrend: the color of the lack of trend.

The indicator can be easily used in the Expert Advisor. Buffer for the trend type = 3.

  • Buffer value = 0: rising trend
  • Buffer value = 1: falling trend
  • Buffer value = 2: no trend
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