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Ultimate NNFX Backtester is a powerful utility tool that significantly reduces the amount of backtesting process for NNFX followers. 

as well as for Forex traders that works their exits and also entries at the end of a candle and manage the danger using ATR.

Please read through following detailed descriptions and explore the tool in the chart. Please also see the video on how to operate this tool.

If any confusions and bugs, please direct to [email protected] with pictures or videos of the issue.

I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Link to my NNFX History News Event Tool:

Note: This tool will not work properly in strategy tester(demo version) due to chart object creation.


  • Ability to save buy and sell trades and calculate profit or loss with mouse clicks and buttons.
  • Ability to Run Forward Test Simulation and save you tons of time.
  • You can backtest any commodity, anytime frame, any broker’s data.
  • Ability to rewind trades up-to as early as possible during backtesting.
  • Automatically calculates the profit of the scaled out position and add to the total profit.
  • Ability to perform Monte Carlo Simulation after your backtest to evaluate your algorithm’s ability to withstand random market movements.
  • Automatically calculates win rate

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19 July 2020


24 September 2020

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dehash9 December 27, 2020 5:39 am

Great tester. Time saver. I will back evaluation strategy on couple of pairs for 3.75 years each daily.

TonyNguyen0918 December 27, 2020 5:38 am

For NNFX traders, this manual backtester is worth its weight in gold. Jas, the programmer, was timely and great in executing a whole bunch of attributes that I requested, and the product as it’s now is just wonderful. This thing will save you a great deal of time. With this, I will complete one pair going back 3 years at less than one hour. TP, Sl, and Risk can be adjusted for EACH commerce you test, so its quite elastic in MM strategies. You might even delete the previous transaction (s) you saved without needing to restart the whole backtest from the beginning. One of my favorite features I like is getting informed that my drawdown limit has been breached during the backtesting. When the pair is completed testing, you just hit a button and a CSV file is created giving you all of your stats such as win speed, max drawdown, etc.. If you have a great deal of backtesting to perform, I highly recommend this!

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