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The indicator finds impulse waves on the chart.

Analyzes channel breakout and draws impulse levels.

In the settings you can enable a multi-currency dashboard.

Alert choose between the current chart or the entire.


M15, M30, H1

Trade Patterns:

Retest on Trend

Fake Breakout on Trend


 Input parameters

  • Bars Count – number of bars to display the indicator
  • Coeff Period – average true range period
  • Coeff – coefficient affecting the height of the impulse wave 
  • Impulse End Arrow – show the end of the impulse (cross arrow). Delay of 1 candle, like a fractal
  • Impulse Level Visual – select visual (off, line, rectangle, rectangle fill)
  • Rectangle Sensivity Coeff – coefficient affecting the height of the impulse level
  • Impulse Extend Bars – how many bars to extend the level after the end of the impulse
  • Impulse Level Width – line width
  • Impulse Level Buy Color – level color up
  • Impulse Level Sell Color – level color down

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  • Dashboard – enable / disable multicurrency dashboard
  • Symbol Lyst – write down the instruments to be monitored
  • View M1-MN – enter the timeframes to be monitored
  • Alert – enable / disable notification settings  (Current Chart / Dashboard List)
  • Wave Impulse – turn on turn off notifications of finding a pulse
  • Wave Impulse End – enable disable notifications of finding the end of the impulse (arrow cross)
  • Alert Work Time – specify the time period when the alert will be active
  • Alert Pop Up – enable / disable alert popup
  • Alert Push – enable / disable notification to phone
  • Alert E-mail – enable / disable email notification
  • Alert Sound – enable / disable sound notification
  • Alert Sound Name – select sound alert file


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