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Vates in Latin – a seer, a prophet.

Vates is a multi-currency trend adviser that works on real accounts of any type, on any time interval, with any initial deposit, with a constant or variable lot size, with four-and five-digit quotes, as well as with brokers using different types of order filling.

A distinctive feature of the Expert Advisor is its stability and, most importantly, its reliability. The results of checking the Expert Advisor in the strategy tester in 4 modes (2 main ones-normal and with an arbitrary delay, and 2 additional ones – all ticks and OHLC on M1), as well as on demo and real accounts are almost identical.

Testing and optimization of the Expert Advisor should be carried out in the normal mode or with an arbitrary delay, OHLC on M1, timeframe – any.

The Expert Advisor determines the direction of the trend, as well as the state of oversold or overbought market, and when the corresponding signal is received, it opens a buy or sell position. The position can be closed by a reverse signal or by a stop loss or by a trailing signal.

The EA can also open additional orders in the direction of an already open position with the same lot size. Additional orders can only be opened if, after opening a position, the EA receives a repeated signal to open a position in the same direction and the drawdown on the open position exceeds the amount determined by the Drawdown Percent parameter.

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When the power is turned off, the Internet is turned off, the computer or terminal is restarted, or the input parameters are changed, the Expert Advisor checks the positions already open for all pairs (with or without additional orders) and correctly calculates the orders and draws down on them.

  • Magic – a unique number for identifying positions opened by the Expert Advisor;
  • Max. Spread – the maximum allowed spread in points for opening a position;
  • Slippage – allowed slippage in points for market orders;
  • Lot-select Fixed Lot or Lot Percent;
  • Fixed Lot – fixed lot size for opening a position;
  • Lot Percent – lot size as a percentage of the current balance: lot = Balance * Lot Percent / 100000;
  • Mode-select Closed (positions are opened and closed by the completed bar) or Current (positions are opened and closed by the current value);
  • Applied Price-select from 7 applicable prices (Close, Open, High, Low, Median, Typical, Weighted);
  • Filter-choose from 4 types of price smoothing;
  • X-Factor, Y-Factor, Z-Factor-numerical values that determine the operation of the Expert Advisor (to check the operation and optimize the Expert Advisor in the strategy tester, the initial and final values, as well as the step of changing these values, are specified in the input parameters of the Expert Advisor);
  • Add Order – the number of additional orders for an open position (if 0, there are no additional orders);
  • Drawdown Percent – drawdown as a percentage of the current balance for an open position (only works when Add Order > 0);
  • Stop Loss – stop loss in points (if 0, stop loss is disabled);
  • Use Trailing – false/true (if false, trailing is disabled);
  • Trailing Start – the value in points of profit of the open position, after which the trailing is enabled;
  • Trailing Stop – value in points (when trailing is enabled, Stop Loss = Price Bid-Trailing Stop for Buy or Stop Loss = Price Ask Trailing Stop for Sell);
  • Order Filling Type-select the order filling type to prevent the “Invalid Order Filling Type” trading error (if such an error appears in the log, change the fill type).

Note: Max values. Spread, Slippage, Stop Loss, Trailing Start, and Trailing Stop are indicated for four-digit quotes. For five-digit quotes, these values do not need to be changed – they will be changed automatically.


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