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Vital Currency Strength Indicator Pro MT4


The purpose of this indicator is to evaluate the behavior of individual currencies in many useful ways.

In a given timeframe, the indicator will show whether a particular currency is in an overbought, oversold, uptrend, or downtrend state, depending on the configuration.

First, the indicator receives the necessary data on Open, Close, High, Low prices and volume from ticker symbols (up to seven) to create indexes for currencies (up to eight).

The usual indicator tools (or “handlers”) are then used to analyze the data flow of these indexes. Each handler can be configured.

  • Raw – No processing, outputs indexes by Close.
  • RSI Processor-Applies the RSI to the indexes by Close.
  • MACD Processing-Applies the MACD to the indexes by Close.
  • Stochastic Processing-Applies Stochastic to Close, High, and Low indexes.
  • CCI Processing-Applies CCI to the Close, High, and Low indexes.
  • MFI Processing-Applies MFI to Close, High, and Low indexes, as well as to tick volume data.
  • TrendMonitor-Applies TrendMonitor to Close data. Here, the currency is in a trend state if the adjusted moving average increases or decreases. For example, on a daily chart, the user can determine which currencies have a trend of the 20-period SMA, and in which direction.

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Further, the output value of any of these handlers can be smoothed using a moving average. This is useful for filtering out noise and reducing the likelihood of”false breakouts”.

And finally, the user will have access to visual controls in order to constantly and quickly eliminate distractions. The buttons allow you to quickly hide and show the drawing of lines – alternatively, they can be entered as boolean values.

Below is a brief description of the input parameters.

  • (A): Processor
    • The handler. Select the main operating mode.
    • This selection will determine which input parameters are applicable.
  • (B) Moving Average Post-Processing
    • Post-processing of the moving average. Specify whether to apply moving average smoothing to the data.
  • Processor controls
    • Handler settings. Only the corresponding input parameters will be used. For example, the “Period RSI” parameter will only be used by the RSI handler.
  • Post MA Period
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