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VWMA Volume Weighted Moving Average


The Volume Weighted Moving Average (VWMA) is calculated based on Prices and their related Volumes giving importance to those candles with more Volume. During periods of almost equal volume distributed along the observed period (commonly, in low volume periods) the VWMA will be graphically similar to a Simple Moving Average. Used along other moving averages a VWMA could be used as an alert, filter or whatever your imagination could think of…

As any Moving Average. You can use it as Trend tool, as a filter for day-trading, you can combine a Simple Moving Average of the same Period and watch for distortions between them, giving you clues of a high volume trend beginning or ending… You can search the web for VWMA strategies.

  • VWMA period
  • Volume Type to use on calculations: Real Volume or Ticks.
  • Price Type to use on calculations: Open / High / Low / Close / O C/2 / H L/2 / H L C/3 / O H L C/4

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