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Wave Trend Indicator


 in strict accordance with the Dow theory, the lower point of the range can be used to separate the support and the resistance position, and
also to determine the beginning of the trend, as well as to combat stretching. 
 regardless of whether you are a trend trader, a day sneaker or a dermatologist, I am sure that this indicator will help you a lot. 
 for example, when the price passes through the ” green line “, there is currently a tendency to lack points, and also in cases
when prices turn red, and when the trend of a plurality of points begins, the corresponding points and lower points are used in
as an effective wear reduction line corresponding to the opening of the hopper, and the reverse transition-as a place where it should
a limit must be set. 
 Of course, in combination with other theories, such as maps, genie, sea turtles, etc., indicators can play a more prominent role. 
 Others I will not go into detail here, you can find this indicator according to your trading strategy for others very
interesting goals. 
 the indicator has no external parameters, will not lead to inconsistent results depending on the number of retrospective columns,
all the conditions used are completely from the market, that is, as the markets say, we will always follow in the footsteps of the market. 
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