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The “ZigZag on Trend” indicator is an assistant in determining the direction of price movement, as well as a calculator of bars and points. It consists of a trend indicator that follows the direction of the price with a trend line represented as a zigzag and a counter that calculates the number of bars passed in the direction of the trend and the number of points on a vertical scale.(calculations are made on the opening of the bar) The indicator is not redrawn. For convenience, it is made in the form of colored bars or in the form of lines. Can be used on all TF cards, but best from M15 and above.

     Indicator parameters

  • Period – Trend period
  • Diapason-The range calculated in points
  • Show Bars and Pips – Show the counter of bars and Pips
  • Bars or Line-Show colored bars or lines
  • Arrows_signal-Show arrows
  • Arrows_Distance – Distance of arrows from the chart
  • CalculatorDistance – Distance of the counter from the chart
  • CalculatorSize – The size of the counter numbers
  • CalculatorColor – Color of the counter
  • Alerts_sound-Turn on the sound when the arrows appear
  • Soundfile_signal-Select a sound file
  • HBars – Number of bars to calculate

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