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This Expert Advisor is more designed for the average price,the best results for eurcad
/eurusd / eurjpy timeframe M30-H1, zones h4. D1.W1 (OPTIMAL)

The Expert Advisor trades from the supply and demand zones,the Expert Advisor hedges positions and closes them in parts .Optimal currency
pairs(eurcad., eurusd, eurjpy), you can trade other major currency pairs,such as(usdjpy,usdcad, eurgbp) as well as
silver(xagusd).M30-H1 time frame (optimal)the same is possible for others, the spread does not affect the quality of transactions.The Expert Advisor is easily
configured by zones,you only need to choose which timeframe will show the zones (optimally h4).The Expert Advisor has two types of
martingale (by adding and multiplying by a coefficient)(optimally by adding), there is also protection against the maximum
lot.With a deposit of $ 10,000, the Expert Advisor can trade on three pairs at once.A little bit about the main parameters in the Expert Advisor.

Parameters TRADING

— Here we set the initial lot for opening the first trade.

Selection for increasing lots — This parameter is responsible for martingale (there are two types of opening deals on martingale by Add-way
and Multiply -by multiplying by a factor).

[spoiler title=”

Add lot — This one
function for opening martingale trades Add-select the lot that will be added to

the initial lot and subsequent ones.

Multiply lot — This function is for opening
martingale transactions for the Multiply parameter-select the coefficient that

it will be multiplied to the original lot and the subsequent ones.

Maximum lot — This function is not a little important,since this
parameter is responsible for the maximum lot that can be opened



Fixed profit(=0 off) — This parameter is set for the By currency function and select
the value in the deposit currency, if it is 0, then this
the function is disabled.

Magic – This unique
number of the Expert Advisor, for opening and closing its orders by the Expert Advisor.

Parameters ZONE(1,2,3)

Use zone                             — This is enabling and
disabling zones (true, false).

Time frame — This function is the most
important,choose a time frame for opening orders, here you can choose any time frame for building zones(current-current, from m1 – to 1



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