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Arrow Indicator Trade EA


The Arrow Indicator Trade EA is an Expert Advisor that trades based on custom indicators. When the indicator shows an up arrow, the EA will open an OP BUY order. Similarly, when the indicator shows a down arrow, the EA makes an OP SELL entry. Features: 1. Stop loss, as well as manual and automatic TP based on the ATR indicator. 2. Auto lot and fixed lot. 3.Functions “Close for loss” and “Close for profit”. 4. Target profit balance and minimum stop balance 5. Easy to use. The Expert Advisor does not generate its own signals, but generates signals from the indicators that the trade wants to use. To use it, simply enter: 1. “Indicator name” 2. “Buffer number” setting (to find out the buffer number, add the indicator to the chart, then in the color tab menu, see 3. Enter the buffer number to buy and the buffer number to sell. Why do you need the Arrow Indicator Trade Expert Advisor? Because there is only code that works well with indicators, but does not work with the Expert Advisor. Hopefully, this will help you automatically trade your favorite indicator without waiting too long in front of the chart. With best wishes

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