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Welcome to my product page, glad you stopped by and I hope you find interest in this product which is completely free to use. There are certainly many other similar products but this is my version of one.

AS Check® MT5 – Account and symbol informer utility compatible with Meta Trader 5

With this software you quickly and easily extract information about your account and symbol. As this is a script and not an indicator or expert, the program runs once and detach itself from the chart and the information about your account and symbol on the chart remains visible.

What type of information is produced?


  • Name,company name,leverage,stopout level,stop level and currency


  • Symbol,pipvalue,money required for 1 lot and costs for long and short swaps

How use this informer tool?

  • Download it from the market
  • Open navigator in Meta trader 4, look for AS Check MT5 in ‘Scripts’ then drag and drop it to any open chart/symbol of your choice.

Having some questions/need help or maybe need something extra added to the product? just head over to my profile and PM me or throw a comment in the product ‘comments’ tab.

Best regards,

Merit aka ‘FrozenPips’

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