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The indicator automatically determines the optimal period at which the profit from the signals on this chart is maximum. Depending on the financial instrument and the time interval, the accuracy of the indicator signals can reach more than 90%. The indicator period is calculated according to the overbought and oversold levels set in the input parameters, the range of periods, as well as the established Take Profit and Stop Loss. 

The profitability of the indicator is achieved by finding the optimal period and using alternating signals.

Profit is determined by the set levels of Stop Loss and Take Profit. If the SL or TP level is zero, then the profit is calculated when a counter signal is received.

Automatic detection of parameters occurs constantly in real time, but not more often than 1 time per 1 bar.

  • Applied price – the price at which the indicator values are calculated;
  • Low Level – oversold level;
  • High Level – overbought level;
  • Min period – the minimum value of the indicator period;
  • Max period – the maximum value of the indicator period;
  • Show Arrows – enable/disable the display of buy or sell signals on the price chart;
  • Sound – enable/disable sound signals when buy or sell signals appear;
  • Alert – enable/disable text messages when buy or sell signals appear.
  • Push – enable/disable Push messages.
  • Mail – enable/disable email messages.
  • Show SLTP line – display of lines from the opening price to the closing price
  • Profit Line,Loss Line, Middle Line – setting line colors

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