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Have you ever had difficulty observing Bid or Ask prices
when they move up and down along the vertical axis of your chart? You
ever wanted these prices to be a little bigger in size,
so that they can be seen better? Would you like to have the price values on your
were the graphics displayed larger? Now it’s possible.

Try this free demo version of the Big Price indicator and see for yourself. This demo version only works on USDSEK. You can purchase the full version here: .

Indicator input parameters:

  • Set true for Bid, false for Ask-the Big Price indicator can show the Bid or Ask price. Set true to show the Bid price, false to show the Ask price;
  • Choose the color for the BigPrice – choose a color for the Big Price indicator;
  • Set the size for the BigPrice-set the size for the Big Price indicator (the screenshots show size 4 and 5);
  • How many periods shifted to the right – Big Price can
    be shifted to the right, so as not to interfere with the graph. Install, on
    how many periods do you need to shift the Big Price indicator to the right (in the
    screenshots, the offset is equal to 5 periods);
  • Show the other Bid/Ask line-the Big Price indicator can be
    show Bid or Ask prices, and display Bid or Ask lines.
    Choose whether to show other Bid/Ask lines;
  • Set true to show BigPrice on the right-Big indicator
    Price can be displayed on the right or left side of the chart. Set the value
    true, to place the Big Price indicator on the right.

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For more information, see the first screenshot.


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