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Binance future USDM data import to MT5


Binance is a world-famous cryptocurrency exchange! To facilitate a more accurate analysis of the encrypted digital currency market, the program can automatically import Binance K-line futures data into MT5 for analysis. Main functions:
1. Support the automatic creation of all Binance USD-M futures trading pairs, or you can set the base currency separately. For example, if the BaseCurrency base currency is empty, this means that all currencies and any cryptocurrency supported by Binance USD-M futures, such as BNB and BTC, can also be set separately.
2. Synchronize the accuracy of the price, the accuracy of the transaction volume and the maximum transaction volume of Binance futures currencies.
3. Automatically update the quote data of all futures supported by Binance included in the list to facilitate technical analysis.
4. Support for futures market data 7 * 24 hours.The first transaction will be synchronized with Binance by default on the first import, and in the future the data will be automatically synchronized with the last K-line.
5. Proxy support (default proxy :9441), you can also use the Binance interface address for direct access (if you can open Binance directly), please note that the address must be filled in: mt5-Tools-Settings-Expert Advisor’s WebRequest list, otherwise all data cannot be synchronized.

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6. The synchronization interval is at least 5 seconds, otherwise the Expert Advisor will not start.
7. To avoid conflicts with spot symbols, the current futures market import tool can configure the futures prefix, for example, F @
Please note: If an encrypted digital currency already supported by MT5 cannot import Binance data such as ETH / BTC. In addition, due to the WebRequest network link required for connecting the market, the demo version in the strategy analyzer may be invalid.If you have any questions, leave a message in the comments area.
Spot version data:


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