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Change size volume lot signals


If you regularly use trading signs, you have probably come throughout the fact that many sizes used for trading by the supplier and the subscriber may differ. The supplier may exchange also large a whole lot that does not match the capacities of your reverse, or vice versa too little.

This utility automatically changes the lot size used in sign trading. It automatically copies the arrangement from the initial order. The order will be replicated with the lot multiplier specified in the input . The entire process of opening and closing an order will be performed automatically, depending on the original order. The utility will also automatically copy the stop loss and take Profit values.


You want to increase the lot size by 3 times:

  • Original original (received from the signal provider): 0.01 lot
  • Copied order (copied orders received by this utility): 0.02 lots
  • You must set the value of the lot multiplier parameter: 2
  • Total: 0,01 0,01 * 2 (lot multiplier) = 0.03 lots
  • Thus, the lot size increases from 0.01 to 0.03 lots.

Note: Run the product only on one computer/VPS server, in one window, and on one chart / account. The Expert Advisor will automatically work on all currency pairs. If you run this utility on multiple computers/VPS servers at the same time, each copied order will be duplicated.

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  • Lot_multiplier – lot multiplier. Lot size = Lot_multiplier x supplier’s lot size.
  • Defaut_lot_size – default lot size, 0-disabled.
  • Maximum_lot_size – the maximum volume used in trading. If (Lot_multiplier x provider’s lot size) > Maximum_lot_size, lot size will be Maximum_lot_size, 0-disabled.
  • Minimum_lot_size – the minimum volume used in trading. If (Lot_multiplier x provider’s lot size) < Minimum_lot_size the lot size will be Minimum_lot_size, 0-disabled.
  • Limit_number_positions-limit the number of copied orders
  • New_order-copy only the new order.
  • Send_email_alerts: Send email alerts when there is a high drawdown, false-disabled.
  • Drawdown_send_email: Send email alerts when the drawdown reaches this value (%drawdown)
  • Drawdown_pause_open: Pause before you open copied orders after reaching this value of drawdown (% of drawdown).
  • x_minute: To send alerts via e-mail continuously every x minutes.
  • Name_signal: Name of the signal for copying signal orders (excluding a copy of your order). The value can be left empty.

It is necessary to choose a signal provider with a high level of growth on the site mql5.com. The maximum drawdown should not exceed 50%. Your balance should be larger than the signal provider’s balance. If your balance is too small, you should open a cent account and choose a leverage equal to the signal provider’s leverage. To ensure the greatest security, you should only use doubling the lot size (by setting lot multiplier = 1). If your drawdown level reaches 70%, the utility will stop opening copied orders and adding funds to your account to minimize risks. When the resulting profit becomes equal to the original balance, you should withdraw money to create a new account. You should select a new signal provider for the new account.

Multiple accounts multiple providers utility changes the size of the lot = the best solution.


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