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Doctor Hedge Correlation


Doctor Hedge Correlation is a non-standard expert Advisor for trading on correlation and / or hedging. permits you to work with 6 distinct currency pairs at the same time. Or, put up one currency pair for 6 hedging/locking alternatives with 6 exit scenarios, specifying different options . Work at grid mode allows you to capture all the fluctuations of costs and to minimize potential subsidence. The entry frequency is regulated by the interval on which the Expert Advisor is set up. Easy installation will permit you to test hundreds of options and combinations for correlation / hedging of currency pairs in a brief period of time.

Version for Metatraider 4: https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/60577

1. Trading pair settings

Symbol-currency pair
Type order – type of transaction (buy/sell)
Lot – volume of transaction
Magic – you can set a separate one for each pair. You can combine multiple pairs under the same number.

2. Settings for closing pairs by total equity.

Magic close – the number of the pair/group.
Equity profit – as soon as the selected magic reaches the specified equity in the deposit currency, the entire grid will be closed.

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For example.

In Pair 1 and Pair 2, in the “Symbol” lines, we specify two pairs: EURUSD, USDCHF under one Magic (for example, 1). Both put the “buy” trade type there.
Go down in the settings below to “Settings close 1”. Specify in Magic close – “1”, in. Equity profit-the desired profit (let it be “1”). When it is reached, all transactions with Magic “1” – will be closed. A new series will begin.

In parallel, you can configure several more pairs under different Magic. Or you can specify all 10 pairs under the same Magic. If you leave the “Symbol” field empty, it will be ignored. Therefore, it is not necessary to configure all 10 pairs. You can work with one.


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