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DSProFx TrendLine MT5


DSProFx TrendLine Expert Advisor is a  semi-automatic Forex robot that can be used for scalping and day trade as well. It works based on Trend Line.

DSProFx TrendLine works in all time frame.

Trades will be opened if the market price touch the Trend Line that is set for Buy or Sell based on line name.

“B” for Buy order and “S” for Sell order. To open more than 1 orders, for example Buy orders : use “B1”, “B2”, “B3”, etc. 

The trades will be closed by some options: Take Profit, Stop Loss, Breakeven, and Trailing Stop system.

This EA can work in any charts, and it can open more than one trades in a chart.

This EA works on any broker type (including 5-digit or 4-digit broker).

DSProFx TrendLine EA provides the possibilities:

  • Magic Number – Magic number.
  • Pop Up Alert – Alert on MT4 after a trade is opened.
  • Send Email Alert – Send email after a trade is opened.
  • Push Notification – Send notification to mobile phone after a trade is opened.
  • Lot Size – Trade volume.
  • Take Profit (Points) – Take Profit in Points.
  • Stop Loss (Points) – Stop Loss in Points.
  • Enable Risk Percent – True/False. Option to calculate trade volume automatically by Account Equity or Account Balance.
  • Risk Percent – Number of risk in percentage (%). 
  • Risk/Reward Ratio – True/False. Option to calculate Take Profit distance automatically.
  • Enable Breakeven – True/False. Option to enable Breakeven system
  • BreakEven Start (Points) – Minimum profit in Points to start the Breakeven system.
  • BreakEven Size (Points) – Breakeven size from open price (Points).
  • Enable Trailing Stop – True/False. Option to activate the Trailing Stop system.
  • Start Trailing Stop (Points) – Minimum profit in Points to start the Trailing Stop system.
  • Trailing Stop (Points) – The distance in Points for the Trailing Stop system.
  • Trailing Stop Step (Points) – The step distance to move the Trailing Stop.
  • TL Timer – Expiry time (duration) of the TL. Format “hh:mm”, it is counted from the creation time of the TL. It is disabled if set as “00:00”.

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